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Tendering Service

Tendering Services

Tendering Service

No time? Not sure where to start with trying to outsource something?

Don’t worry. Call us, we’ll come and see you, help you define your exact requirements, put a specification together for your approval and run the entire tendering process for you. Compliantly of course.  Once the bids come in, we’ll evaluate them for you (against your criteria) and then hand the decision back to you to choose the successful supplier. It couldn’t be easier. The table below outlines the procurement timeline.

Month Action
January 2018 Speak with SBC about your specific requirements
February 2018 SBC develops the first stage of your tender, engages with the supply market, and issues the first stage of the tender process
March 2018 SBC develops your full tender documentation. Suppliers return their submissions to stage one of the tender. SBC assess the submissions and shortlists the suppliers to be taken forward to stage two
April 2018 SBC issues your tender to the shortlisted suppliers, stage two
May 2018 Suppliers return bids with a solution unique to your specification. SBC reviews the bids and assesses them against your agreed criteria, and you select the best option
June 2018 SBC notifies suppliers of the award decision, a mandatory 10 day standstill follows, following which, SBC competes the award on your behalf. The details of the contract are finalised and you and the winning supplier enter into the new contract
July 2018 Service mobilisation
August 2018 SBC issues your tender to the shortlisted suppliers, stage two
September 2018 Full service commencement

Once the contract has been signed with the new supplier, we upload the contract documentation into a contracts register for you which will automatically alert you 6 months before it is due to be renewed. We also hold annual monitoring visits with both you and the supplier to check that everyone is keeping to their side of the agreement.

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