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Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies

The Club continues to go from strength to strength with more and more schools joining every day, allowing us to really help drive down the cost of services that our schools need.


Chiltern Learning Trust, Luton. Procurement of Trust-wide cleaning and ICT.

Schools’ Buying Club managed the tender process for both the cleaning and managed ICT services on behalf of Chiltern Learning Trust. Here’s what they had to say…

‘This is the second large procurement that SBC have managed on our behalf and as a growing MAT the service has been faultless from start to finish. The procurement lead has been particularly supportive and his liaison throughout has felt like we’ve had another member of the Trust Central Team. Excellent, would definitely recommend.’

Kent Catholic Schools Partnership. Procurement of Trust-wide catering

Schools’ Buying Club managed the tender process for the catering services on behalf of the Kent Catholic Schools Partnership for 17 of its primary schools. As a result of the new contract, the school group will now receive a guaranteed return of £200k over the 3 year contract, which will contribute towards new staff, facilities and resources.

SBC also managed the tender process for the catering services on behalf of the Kent Catholic Schools Partnership for 5 of its secondary schools. As a result of the new contract, the school group will now receive a guaranteed return of £180k over the 3 year contract.

‘When the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership faced the daunting task of re-tendering its catering operations across its academies, it could have found no better partner than the Schools’ Buying Club. Steering us through a complex tendering process and helping us to deliver substantial financial savings and an improved service for our Children and Young People. To anyone in a similar position, I would highly recommend the Schools’ Buying Club.’ 

Star Primary School, London. Procurement of a new cleaning service

Schools’ Buying Club helped Star Primary School procure a new cleaning contact. They were extremely complimentary of the service they received and have found a great partnership with their new supplier.

‘Professional, informative service throughout the process.  Smooth communication, very willing team. Pleased with the overall service and would recommend it to any other school/business.’

Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, Amersham. Procurement of a new ICT managed service.

Schools’ Buying Club helped Dr Challoner’s Grammar School with the tender for their ICT service. They were very pleased with the process that we designed, lead and facilitated, particularly with the diligence of our lead procurement expert.

‘We were very pleased with SBC who led the procurement process for our ICT Tender. The SBC procurement specialist was a pleasure to work with, was easy to get hold of on the phone and via email and provided us with regular updates.’

Tudor Park Education Trust, Feltham. Procurement of a new catering service

The catering function at this secondary school was previously operating at a net loss. Following the tender managed by SBC, the school receives a guaranteed income of £50k over the initial 3 year contract period, plus a £44k investment in the catering facilities.

‘SBC has helped us turn our catering service around and bring more money in to the Trust.’

Coopers School, Chislehurst. Procurement of a new catering service

SBC managed the tender process for the catering services at this secondary school. The school included a number of service points around the site including a dedicated sixth form offering. Through the resulting contract the school receives a guaranteed income of £100k over 3 years, in addition to a £49k investment in the catering facilities.

‘The result that SBC helped us achieve is very much appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend their service.’

Lordswood Boys’ School, Birmingham. Procurement of a new catering service

Schools’ Buying Club managed the tender process for Lordswood Boys’ School who were paying £87k per year to receive ready-made food prepared off site. With a new contract offering savings of £361k over 5 years and a £15k investment for their catering facilities they can now prepare fresh meals on site.

‘SBC has made a monumental saving for our school and we cannot wait to put the money towards improving the education of our students.’

The Stour Academy Trust, Canterbury. Procurement of Trust-wide catering

Schools’ Buying Club managed the tender process for the catering services on behalf of the Stour Academy Trust for its 7 of Primary Academies, totalling 2940 pupils. As a result of the new contract, the school group will now receive a guaranteed return of £97k over the 3 year contract.

‘The result has been fantastic, thank you for enabling us to not only save money…but generate £97k over three years.’

Bramley Grange Primary School, Rotherham. Procurement of a new catering service

Schools’ Buying Club helped Bramley Grange, a Primary School of 320 pupils go out to tender for their catering services. The winning contract promised a £5.6k return over the 3 year period.

‘Thank you for your guidance through such a complex process. We really appreciate the support and savings.’

Coombe Hill Infant and Junior Schools. Procurement of a new catering service that moved the schools from a ‘hot box’ solution to fresh on site provision.

Coombe Hill Infant and Junior Schools are located on one site in Kingston upon Thames. The schools are inclusive, community schools with both of them placing a strong emphasis on providing their children with an outstanding, balanced and enriching education within a family-feel environment. Schools’ Buying Club worked closely with the Schools to define a catering requirement that would sit comfortably with the ethos of the school. Schools’ Buying Club delivered a £15k income to the school over the three year contract.

Litherland High School. Procurement of a new cleaning and catering service.

Litherland High School is a mixed 11-16 school where every student is valued and treated as an individual. The School’s aim is to create a positive climate for learning where expectations and standards are high. The School was rebuilt in 2011 and has state of the art facilities in all curriculum areas. Schools’ Buying Club were engaged to work with Litherland High School for both catering and cleaning services.

Through the compliant tendering process the school was able to benefit from a £33K saving on their cleaning contract with Accuro FM Limited and an £18k saving on their catering contract with Servest Catering Ltd.

IQRA. Procurement of a new catering contract

IQRA Academy is in the heart of Manningham and on the outskirts of Bradford city centre. The school’s commitment and desire to provide first class education is second to none. The school have approximately 650 pupils in attendance. Schools’ Buying Club were commissioned to assist the Academy in their search for a catering partner.

Schools’ Buying Club went out to the market on behalf of IQRA Academy and upon award of the contract to Facilities Management (Bradford Council), the Academy benefited from a saving of £19k and a non-depreciating capital investment of £41K, delivering a total saving of £60K.

Dane Court Grammar School Procurement of a new catering service

Having previously worked with the team at Dane Court, we were the only company invited to work with the School again, this time to secure a catering supplier. Dane Court Grammar School is a mixed, selective secondary school, with approximately 1,275 students and Teaching School status. The spacious site is near the centre of Broadstairs, and the recently completed £20 million rebuilding programme means the school has state of the art facilities which are truly suited to learning in the 21st Century.

Working with Schools’ Buying Club who provided an end to end, compliant procurement service, the School appointed Harrison Catering Services Ltd who were able to deliver an external pod and commit to increasing sales by 15% in year one and a further 8% in years two and three delivering a guaranteed income stream to Dane Court Grammar School of £17K per year for three years.

Swalecliffe, Hoath & Chislet Primary Schools. Procurement of a new catering contract

The three Primary schools, belonging to Kent Local Authority, came together to procure their catering service. The schools were looking for a range of good quality, nutritious, attractively presented meals for pupils and staff that complied with Government’s minimum nutritional and food based standards for the educational sector, and comply with the new Ofsted guidance for catering.

Schools’ Buying Club were able to attract nine suppliers to the Request for Tender and after a rigorous and thorough evaluation process, we assisted Swalecliffe, Hoath and Chilset Primary schools in appointing Chartwells as their supplier. Schools’ Buying Club were able to secure a guaranteed income of £68K over the three year contract to the schools.

Aquila Trust, Canterbury. Procurement of a Trust-wide catering contract

Schools’ Buying Club worked with the Aquila Trust (10 Primary schools) to source a professional outsourced catering provider who could provide a range of good quality, nutritious meals for pupils and staff, that comply with Government’s minimum nutritional and food based standards for the educational sector. The Trust asked that meals should reflect the growth in healthy eating trends, promote uptake, and comply with the new Ofsted guidance for catering.

Relishing the challenge of working with the Trust and its ten schools, Schools’ Buying Club were successful in attracting 13 suppliers to the Tender. Schools’ Buying Club undertook a quality and viability assessment and fully compliant evaluation process, which resulted in The Diocese appointing Nourish Contract Catering Ltd as their catering supplier, giving them a Guaranteed Return of over £25K over the lifetime of the contract.

Haringey Local Authority. Local Authority procurement support

Schools’ Buying Club is now the preferred education procurement partner for Haringey Local Authority. Haringey, through SBC, are now able to offer their schools specialist advice and support across a range of categories including Cleaning, Catering and Staff Absence Insurance. This is an exciting partnership built on the shared values of wanting schools to have access to professionals who can help drive efficiencies and put in place bespoke contracts that benefit the individual schools.

Marner Primary School, East London
This school was unhappy with its cleaning contractor. Schools’ Buying Club helped them exit the contract and then facilitated the new tender. It’s early days but indications of the new service look to be in a different league and the school is delighted, and very clean!

Birchwood School, Hertfordshire
This secondary school saved £66,000 over the three year life of its new cleaning contract. Thirty seven suppliers expressed an interest in providing services to the school. Schools’ Buying Club whittled this down to seven with price and quality being the two key criteria in choosing the successful supplier. A great result which the school is delighted with.

Connell Sixth Form College, Manchester
This new 600 place college opened in September 2013. The College’s parent Trust, Bright Futures Educational Trust, required expert advice to help tender its cleaning and catering contracts. Schools’ Buying Club was able to provide both specification recommendations and help navigate the College through to successful and compliant contract awards.

Wootton Academy Trust, Bedfordshire
This Trust now has one catering supplier operating across all of its schools, with an agreement to share profits with the Trust. A ‘win win’ for both the Trust and the supplier.

Bright Futures Education Trust, Manchester
We’ve saved this large Academy group in Manchester over 50% on their payroll costs.

The Mossborne Academy Trust, London
Two secondary schools asked SBC to assist them in collaboratively procuring their outsourced cleaning contracts, one school having previously had in-house arrangements and the other a completely new building. SBC ensured an efficient, effective best practice tender was conducted and both schools are looking forward to working with their new supplier.

South Staffordshire Further Education College
We ran an e-Auction for a large ICT purchase and the costs came in 16% cheaper for exactly the same products!

Malden & Coombe Partnership, Surrey
Four maintained schools in Surrey approached SBC about cleaning and although their individual contracts needed to be renewed, SBC tendered on behalf of all of the schools so that they can join the new contract as and when their existing contracts expire.

The tender needed to be flexible and we developed this using ‘lots’ on the basis that they could better access SME’s playing to the new compliance rules and regulations. We were able to take advantage of an aggregated sum of money as well as put in place a best value arrangement for the future.

The Harlow Education Consortium, Essex
17 schools in Essex procured Grounds Maintenance collaboratively. There is now a single contract over 17 schools but each school receives a tailored service bespoke to their needs. Time saved in procuring one contract instead of each school doing it themselves. Savings realised 5% for each school.

Gloucester School’s Partnership, Gloucester 
Grounds Maintenance

Six schools in Gloucester saved £105,608 between them by collaboratively procuring grounds maintenance. There is one contract for all six schools which details each of their specific requirements.

Temporary Workers framework

Circa 30 schools are currently using the Temporary Workers framework which gives them access to 9 suppliers in the local area. The framework sets out the minimum and maximum a supplier will charge the school for a particular role which reduces the opportunity for suppliers to increase prices when a school has an urgent requirement for a temporary worker (a ‘distressed purchase’). The framework does not allow suppliers to charge a temp-perm fee to the school should the school retain the services of a temporary worker on a permanent contract once the worker has been in constant employment at the school for a 12 week period. This is achieving on average savings of 15%.

Aurora Academies Trust, East Sussex
The Club managed and implemented a complete outsourced HR & Payroll solution on behalf of the Trust across all of its schools. Termly KPI reviews are held with both suppliers in order to keep the contracts on track. The four primaries in East Sussex also collaboratively went to market for their catering. Contract value was in excess of £1m. Successful contract provides enhanced food quality at a lower price to the parents.

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