A brand new service designed specifically to provide experienced school business professionals with an efficient and compliant procurement solution

Introducing SBC Online

As the School Business Leadership profession has matured, our work alongside the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) has shown that school business professionals have gained knowledge around public sector procurement regulations. Following eight years of researching and developing procurement services to benefit our clients, Schools’ Buying Club is thrilled to introduce SBC Online.

Whilst accurate records on service contracts are maintained, professionals often need an efficient solution to renew a contract but can lack the resources needed to run tenders themselves. This is where SBC Online can help; we have created a private tendering facility with our procurement experts on hand to assist you, with a compliant and easily accessible route to market your tenders.

How is SBC Online different?

SBC Online provides a compliant solution for schools to run their tenders in-house. It offers an easy to use online facility for school business professionals to procure new services without compromising on achieving best value. Schools’ Buying Club provides remote professional support so you can be confident in running compliant tenders in-house using our five-step procurement journey, portal and bespoke templates. Our team will provide expert advice throughout the process; checking all your documents and managing the tender through a secure tendering portal. We’ll also check your bid evaluations and offer advice on your contract award.

SBC Online covers key service contracts including outsourced catering, cleaning, ICT managed services and MFDs. We will also support other specialist categories as requested.

You will benefit from:

Your own password secured online facility to store procurement documents and build your contracts register.

Tools, templates and guidance to help you run compliant tenders to achieve best value.

Access to remote professional procurement support from your dedicated SBC Online consultant to help you every step of the way.

A faster and easier route to market, running competitive tenders with pre-qualified suppliers and the option to include others.

An online repository so that you can use your documents to re-run tenders in the future – faster and for less cost.

How it works:
The 5 step procurement journey

Data requirements

Complete a contract requirements questionnaire so we can understand more about your current service and what you want in your new contract.

ITT documentation preparation and review

Your dedicated SBC Online consultant will send the draft ITT documentation and propose a timetable and evaluation criteria for you to review and finalise.

Tender Management

Issue your documentations via a secure tendering portal to prospective bidders; your consultant will manage any clarification questions raised via the portal. You will also receive further advice on facilitating a bidder site visit.

Evaluation of Bids

Receive the submitted bids and supporting evaluation documents to undertake your assessment. You will have the option to host bidder presentations with shortlisted bidders. And of course, your consultant will be on hand to help with any queries.

Contract Award and Mobilisation

We will inform all bidders on the tender outcome and create a draft contract of services in line with ITT documentation and the winning bidder’s response. You can then agree all contractual amendments directly with your chosen supplier. We will arrange a mobilisation kick-off meeting for you to take forward.

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