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Schools’ Buying Club was established to work with school business professionals across the country to improve their schools’ procurement practice. Through our services, we work with school business professionals to deliver their schools’ tenders whilst helping develop their procurement knowledge and experience.

As a long-term partner of ISBL and regional SBM networks, we share in their ambition to help professionalise school business management by providing workshops on procurement and hands-on guidance and support when delivering tenders for School Business Leaders. We involve all School Business Leader clients in their tenders so they learn what best practice procurement looks like, and so they can ultimately deliver competitive tenders themselves.


Schools’ Buying Club fully supports and adopts the ISBL Professional Standards in Procurement; we procure goods and services on a value-for-money basis (economy, efficiency and effectiveness) to support education delivery within the context of regulatory frameworks and legislation.


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We also fully support the CIPS Award for School Business Professionals designed and developed in partnership between CIPS and ISBL to incorporate terminology, practices and unique challenges specific to schools. We encourage the participation in and accreditation of procurement practice.


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Schools’ Buying Club sponsors School Business Leader Networks across the country, providing practical workshops and tendering services