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Welcome to the Buying Club

We have a very simple remit – to procure services for our customers at the best price, without compromising on quality. And whilst delivering this can sometimes be challenging, we do it very successfully, day in and day out.

Public sector and private sector – both need the best value and best quality, and it’s our job to achieve this, for you.

Schools' Buying Club saves schools on average £30,000

We save schools and trusts millions every year - so that you can spend more on precious resources in the classroom

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What our customers say

"SBC guided us through the process from start to finish. They also hold termly review meetings with our schools and supplier to ensure our catering partner is meeting its key performance indicators."
- Tim McCarthy, CEO,
Aurora Academies Trust

Case studies

Over the years we've been driving down the cost of services for numerous schools across the country, and helping them achieve their desired outcomes through our expertise.

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So, what do we do and why are we good at it?

We started out by procuring outsourced services for schools, desperate to save money and to stop being ripped off by unscrupulous suppliers. Over the past ten years we have saved schools millions of pounds, which they use to pay for teachers and learning resources as school budgets are squeezed. The Buying Club is now used by colleges, councils and central government, where public sector procurement compliance is fundamental.

Our people are qualified procurement specialists and customer relationship managers – chosen as much for their thinking and relationship qualities, as their technical expertise. They develop the buying strategy that suits each customer’s needs, which is usually targeted to achieving the same or better quality for less money. As an example, some of our procurement exercises have seen savings of over £400,000 for catering services – without compromising on food quality.

As we expand in to new areas and markets, we grow the team with like-minded and committed people who bring knowledge of category procurement and management to reflect the new demands and challenges. We are constantly learning and adapting – never at our customers’ risk, but to be able to always offer the right advice and best service.

Procurement approaches that work

Our award-winning procurement process is compliant, professional and specific to the long-term objectives of each unique customer – and is always delivered creatively and strategically. We use whatever approach produces the best outcome for the specific buying requirement – but find the best solutions are often a mix of product, price, service and relationship fit.

We won't shoehorn your needs into a generic solution. Each requirement will vary in approach, scope, cost and timescales, which we present in a written proposal for customer consideration before commencing. Then, once we are working with you, we will prepare a detailed specification so we can guarantee that what we procure will be 100% fit for purpose.

Our customer and process management is constantly reviewed and new ideas continuously explored to deliver excellence. And if things can be improved we change our methods immediately – in line with our customers’ shifting markets and economic environments.

Working for, and with you

We aim to work with our customers over the long term, to generate a productive and efficient working relationship – and to develop procurement strategies which go beyond the initial buying exercise.

It’s this approach that attracts customers to us again and again. We keep our customers informed and involved, as much or as little as they wish. We prepare supplier bids so that fair and equitable comparators can be used. We tailor our legal contracts to your needs – and our quality and performance indicators are contextual, relevant and measurable.

We go that little bit further; think that little bit harder. And we care a whole lot more than the competition from what we have seen and experienced – and our customers agree.

Services to fit your needs

Quite simply, we procure whatever our customers need by:

• Ensuring 100% procurement compliance
• Devising the optimum buying strategy
• Achieving the best value through open competition
• Managing everything, with a true end-to-end tailored service

No matter the complexity, we offer a customer-focused and time-saving service that includes: procurement strategies, specification writing, tender management, bid evaluation, contract negotiations and awards, service mobilisation management, service performance reviews, and ongoing support for the full term of the contract.

We provide advice and guidance across a broad range of areas with technical category expertise in: catering, cleaning, managed ICT solutions, maintenance, HR & payroll, energy, professional services, insurance, facilities management, construction, energy, admin supplies, technology kit, furniture, and learning resources.

Flexible fee structure

Our fee can be paid monthly over the tender exercise, or spread over the term of the contract as part of the supplier costs. Some clients prefer that we charge a fixed fee to run the tender only. Most, however, like us to stay connected with the contract and assist in the service mobilisation and ongoing performance management.

We facilitate annual KPI reviews and ensure suppliers are meeting their contractual obligations – and facilitate mediation sessions, should problems arise. When we work in partnership with our customers, we share revenues and re-invest. When we work with groups of customers, we aggregate the purchasing power and share savings across the stakeholders. That’s why we started the Buying Club – to work together and share in the benefits.

We are flexible in everything that we do, apart from our approach – which is always focused on providing each customer with a high quality, tailored service.

Let’s talk, and put us to the test!

We like conversation – it informs us and educates us – and we like getting to know new people. If we don’t contact you first, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to meet you and explore solutions for your buying needs.

If you prefer, put us to the test – send us your buying requirement and we’ll suggest an approach for you, even if it’s just to signpost where you can get the best value.


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